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Mid Michigan Child Care Food Program is working hard for you! We want to provide you, the day care provider, with every possible necessity to make your business run smoothly. Since day care providers are required to have a set amount of training time each year, we are supplying you with the means to achieve those hours with minimal hassle. (You may want to double check with your Licensing Consultant to ensure how many training hours you may receive from one organization.) Assistants are also welcome to take the online training as a means of achieving their required hours.


We have compiled some training sessions and make them available in an online form. The training sessions below are free of charge! To access the training click on the name of the session (Example: Paperwork Basics). This will take you to material related to that topic. Read over all the information and at the end you will be instructed to complete a quiz. You are required to get all questions on that quiz correct. (Don't worry, you have the option to take the quiz multiple times.) After you have successfully completed the quiz, you will be able to print a certificate. It is best to print the certificate right away, even if one is emailed to you as well. 


The online trainings are provided as a means of helping you and your assistants. Please understand that the training hours required for your license are important. Be sure that everyone who is completing the training does so individually, so that everyone learns. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding these training sessions. 

Reimbursement Basics: 1/2 hour

Are you a Tier II provider curious about receiving a higher reimbursement rate? Or have you ever wondered about the Time/Space Percentage for your taxes? This training will answer all your questions about reimbursement with the food program. 

What is Good Nutrition: 1 hour

Which nutrients are important for our bodies and what do they actually do? 

Childhood Obesity: 1 hour

Childhood obesity is now becoming an epidemic. Learn how to determine if there is a weight problem, how to handle it and why more children these days are overweight or obese. 

Whole Grains: 1 1/4 hour

This training will cover the benefits of whole grains, different types of whole grains, identifying foods that contain whole grains and easy ways to incorporate more whole grains into your day care menu. 

Health Benefits of Dairy: 1/2 hour

This training will inform you about the importance of dairy in our diets as well as how to get enough calcium and what forms of dairy are best. 

Beans!: 1/2 hour

There are many forms of beans that are low-fat, high protein, and low cost. Why not incorporate more of them into your day care menu? 

Incredible Eggs: 1 hour

Learn all about eggs in this training. Nutrition information, versatility, and food safety are all covered in this training on eggs. 

Food Safety: 1 hour

Teaching food safety to day care children is very important. This training covers activities to teach the children how to wash their hands, what germs are, and much more information about food safety for the child care. 

Organic vs. Non-Organic: 1 hour

This training will teach which foods (organic or non-organic) are better for your child care. You'll be surprised by some of the information in this training. A must read!

Infant Development: 1 hour

Understanding how infants develop will make you a better caregiver. 

Toddler Development: 1 hour

It is important to understand the stages toddlers will go through. Understanding how toddlers develop will make you a better caregiver. 

Using Nutrition to Teach Science: 1/2 hour

Science is an early skill that is very helpful to young children. You have the tools at your fingertips, every time you make a meal. 

Juvenile Diabetes & Celiac Disease: 1/2 hour

Are you aware of the difference between Type I and Type 2 diabetes? This disease is affecting more and more children; familiarize yourself with some basic information. Although celiac disease is not extremely common it still affects a lot of children. It would be important for child care providers to know the signs and symptoms. 

The Basics of Food Allergies: 1 hour

6% of children under the age of two are affected by food allergies. Familiarize youself with some basic information so you can be prepared when a food allergic child enters your child care. 

Online Training

Crediting Foods, Regulations, & Deciphering Food Labels: 1 hour

Everyone on the food program should know this information! A compilation of many topics: Is pizza creditable on the food program? What foods can I actually claim? What does all the information of the back on food packaging really mean? 

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